Quality technical publications

for manufacturing, engineering, and science

Good documentation prevents problems, saves money, and makes you look good. If you're struggling with poor, inadequate, or no documentation, please consider delegating your project to me.

I can manage your entire project, from concept to deliverable.

What I do:

  • Listen to you
  • Understand the user
  • Organize the information
  • Lay out the document
  • Write, illustrate, and photograph
  • Create a cover, table of contents, and index
  • Publish the document for print or web
  • Work with the printer or webmaster
  • Update and revise the document
  • Archive the document and maintain version control

What goes into your document:

Writing   Clear, concise, correct, and readable.
Illustration   Crisp, informative, and accurate. Digitally created and edited.
Photography   High-resolution, with careful control of lighting, angle, and focus. Digitally edited.
Page Layout  

Clean, simple, and attactive. Placement, white space, fonts, and page breaks support the information.

Publication   Highly usable, with a good index and table of contents, proper cautions and warnings, sensible pagination, and an attractive cover.